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What is a Family Dentist?

Patient Care-Focused Practice | Traditional Family Dentistry

While many dentists can treat patients of all ages, a family dentist has more experience working with patients in every stage of life. The focus of family dentistry is general dental work and preventative dentistry. The goal is to preserve every patient’s natural teeth and oral health at every stage of life through exceptional care and patient education about their role in maintaining good oral health. 

Dr. Pat Lonergan, Family Dentist Metairie

Dr. Pat Lonergan is a family dentist in Metairie and New Orleans devoted to providing comprehensive dental care to the entire family, including: 

  • Routine teeth cleaning and exams
  • Fluoride treatments to protect teeth from decay
  • Fillings
  • Gum and oral health care
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and teeth whitening
  • Restorative dentistry, including crowns and dental implants 

As a family dentist in Metairie, Dr. Lonergan and his staff excel at working with children 3 years and older, making them feel comfortable and reassuring them throughout dental treatments. He carefully explains every procedure, teaches children how to care for their teeth properly, and encourages a proactive approach to dental care that carries children into adulthood with healthy, strong smiles. 

Family-Focused Care

Family dentistry is about the individual and their family, not about making a sale or running you through a rushed appointment in order to see more patients each day. Our treatment recommendations are based on each patient’s individual needs, oral health, and life situation, not what your insurance will pay for. When you are at our office, you are treated like a member of our family, with all the concern and compassion that entails. 

As with our own families, we emphasize patient education and value our role in educating our patients and empowering them to make their own oral health decisions. Families starting their children with Dr. Lonergan raise adults who maintain a life-long relationship with our office for total oral healthcare built on trust and caring. 


We all have hectic lives. Taking care of your dental health should not be difficult, but it can be when you have to visit different dentists for different needs. Dr. Lonergan’s family dentistry in Metairie eliminates the need for a separate dental care provider for each stage of life. Instead of a pediatric dentist for your children, a cosmetic dentist for yourself, and a restorative dentist for anyone needing dental implants, Dr. Lonergan provides total care for the entire family in one convenient location. Isn’t it nice to know your dental health is assured throughout your life without having to find someone new at every stage? 

Make Dr. Lonergan your family dentist in Metairie for total care in a friendly, welcoming environment. You and your family will soon become a part of our family, a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Call our office at 504-887-1700 to schedule an appointment for yourself or any and all family members. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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Complete Preventative Care

We are a preventative-based practice. We believe that an ounce of prevention now will go a long way towards eliminating greater and more expensive problems in the future. Dr. Lonergan uses cleaning procedures, regular check-ups, and important dental treatments that assist in halting the progression of decay and disease. Our highest priority is to promote, restore, and help you and your children maintain excellent oral health.

Fixed Prosthodontics

When tooth loss or damage occurs due to accident, age or disease, we are prepared to restore your smile. A custom crown protects and strengthens a broken tooth while restoring it to its original shape and size, and bridges are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. With accuracy and precision, we craft and place implant crowns. Our team will discuss options with you, as we take pride in assisting each individual’s specific needs.

Endodontic Treatment

If your tooth is infected, endodontic treatment—a non-surgical root canal—is normally all that is needed to promote healing. For those experiencing swelling or sensitivity to temperature or pain in your tooth or gums due to an injury, Dr. Lonergan is highly trained in performing root canals, one of the most common and routine dental procedures, and ready to ease your pain.