Dental Exams and Check-Ups in Metairie

Your First Visit

During your initial exam, we will discuss your general health history, oral health, and any concerns or areas of pain that you have. Most patients’ first appointment includes digital x-rays, professional dental cleaning, and the doctor will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues of the mouth. If you’ve recently had dental x-rays at another office, please bring them with you or contact our office to have them emailed to us. Dental x-rays are necessary for us to do a thorough exam.


In our office, we use digital imaging to give us a better picture of the structures of your mouth and so that we can better see dental problems including decay, abscesses, bone levels, subgingival deposits, and other potential dental issues. Digital x-rays produce much less radiation than traditional dental x-rays, thus minimizing radiation risk for our patients. We only take essential x-rays that will assist us in diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, all patients wear a lead apron with a thyroid collar for further protection.

Regular Dental Checkups

It is important to have regular dental checkups at least twice a year so that we can catch small caries and issues with the gums before they turn into bigger problems. Patients who have regular dental exams spend less time in the chair and less money on their teeth in the end. Some patients that are at high risk for decay and gum issues may need more frequent professional dental cleanings. If our dental hygienists along with Dr. Lonergan think more frequent dental cleanings are necessary, it will be discussed during your appointment.

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